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Using new VPS With KVM technology

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Hosting your site on virtual servers ensures that your site has dedicated resources

Full control, gives you more stability and security for your site - ideal for larger sites

Start Up Plan

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  • CPU 1core
  • RAM 1GB
  • Disk Space 20GB


Economy Plan

Now 60% OFF!

  • CPU 2cores
  • RAM 2GB
  • Disk Space 40GB


Developers Plan

Now 30% OFF!

  • CPU 2cores
  • RAM 4GB
  • Disk Space 60GB


Work loads Plan

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  • CPU 4cores
  • RAM 6GB
  • Disk Space 80GB


Exa uses the best servers

  • Processor type: 2x Intel xeon E5
  • Processor Cache: 15M Cache
  • Hard disk: 2x 600GB HDD

Management services

Focus on your daily operations, and let EXAHost professionals worry about the server status. Full management plans for your website

External Backup Service

In order to ensure that our customers do not lose any data, they are provided with periodic backups so that the customer can retrieve important data


Full SSD Storage

All VPS packages has fast SSD storage, it’s for your high IO intensive applications

Automatic Provisioning

Get your VPS up and running in minutes! And monitor it from your client area via EXAHost portal.

Disaster Recovery

We nightly backup your VPS’s data for fast disaster recovery.

Full Root Access

Manage and control your VPS completely via SSH and install whatever you need freely.

24/7 Experts Support

Our outstanding technical support team ready around the clock to help you. (English and Arabic)

Security Guarantees

We take security measures very seriously, to maximize your protection level.

  • Start Up Plan
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    Basic management plan

  • CPU1 Core

  • RAM 1 GB

  • Disk Space 20 GB

  • Bandwidth 1 TB

  • IP Addresses 1 IPs

  • Economy Plan
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    Basic management plan

  • CPU2 Cores

  • RAM 2 GB

  • Disk Space 40 GB

  • Bandwidth 2 TB

  • IP Addresses 1 IPs

  • Developers Plan
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    Basic management plan

  • CPU2 Cores

  • RAM 6 GB

  • Disk Space 60 GB

  • Bandwidth 3 TB

  • IP Addresses 1 IPs

  • Work loads Plan
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    Basic Management Plan

  • CPU4 Cores

  • RAM 6 GB

  • Disk Space 80 GB

  • Bandwidth 4 TB

  • IP Addresses 1 IPs

A VPS server is an excellent choice when you are looking for more control/flexibility around your website
The first step is to log in and fill your data. After that you will go to the menu and choose the product An invoice will be made and you will have to pay it. When the payment is complete, the process of sending your server data will begin
You need basic knowledge of file transfer and application management are beneficial
Exahost support migrations to our VPS for free