Microsoft on AWS| EXA Host

Microsoft Windows Server

Easy VPS management for Windows Server starting at $20 USD per month. Access Windows Servers directly from the console using Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

AWS Storage for Microsoft Windows

AWS offers a number of storage options, designed to provide flexibility for numerous Microsoft Windows based workloads, including Block which is comprised of Ephemeral and 5 Variants of EBS, and most recently Amazon FSx for Window File Server.

Microsoft SQL on Amazon Web Services

There are numerous ways to leverage Amazon Web Services in support of your Microsoft SQL needs.Allow us to leverage our experience and deploy a Multi AZ, Multi Region or Hybrid solution specific to your needs leveraging Relational Database Service, EC2 or Database Migration Service. You pay for only the resources used, with no upfrontcosts, minimum commitments, or additional fees. starting at$250 USD per month.

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